White Knight Strain Information

White Knight is a hybrid strain of cannabis that has an earthy aroma and flavor similar to pine. It has been certified as a high-quality strain by Chong. The buds of White Knight are shaped like clusters of grapes and are olive green with purple undertones when they are ready to be harvested. The average THC level of White Knight is 26%, but it can be higher depending on the crop. This strain provides a balanced high that combines the effects of both sativa and indica. It allows the body and mind to relax deeply, relieving tension and racing thoughts. While it initially improves focus, it ultimately leads to sedation. Due to this, it is best to consume White Knight in the evenings or at night. Negative side effects are rare but can include dry mouth and eyes.

Lab Data:
– Cannabinoid Lab Data:
– THC: 26%
– CBD: <1% History: The genetics of White Knight come from the indica strain Afghan Kush and the hybrid strain White Widow. It was first cultivated by Encanto Green Cross in Phoenix, Arizona.

My Review of the White Knight Strain:

I recently smoked the White Knight strain, and it was an absolute delight. From the moment I took my first hit, a wave of pure relaxation washed over me. The dense, fragrant buds produced a smooth, clean smoke that was incredibly satisfying. The high hit me gently but progressively, soothing both my mind and body. With each puff, I could feel all my stress and worries melt away, leaving me in a state of blissful tranquility. The White Knight’s effects were long-lasting, perfect for winding down after a hectic day or finding inner peace during moments of meditation. Highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for a true knight in shining armor.