White Dawg Strain Information

The hybrid cannabis strain called White Dawg placed second in the Denver Medical Cannabis Cup for hybrids. It has an earthy and floral scent and taste, with buds that resemble miniature pine trees and are mossy green in color. The THC levels of White Dawg average around 20%, and it is recommended to consume this strain in the evenings or at night due to its sedative effects. Some users may experience an initial boost in energy and enhanced focus before the strain induces sleepiness and a relaxing body high. White Dawg is believed to be a hybrid of The White and Chemdawg, although some speculate that it is a cross between White Fire OG and Chemdawg.

Table: Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20%
CBD: <1%

My Review of the White Dawg Strain:

I recently had the pleasure of smoking White Dawg, and boy, was it an exhilarating experience! From the moment I took my first puff, I was immediately met with a smooth and creamy smoke that danced on my taste buds. The flavor profile was a delightful combination of citrusy goodness and an earthy undertone that complemented each other perfectly. The high hit me like a wave, starting with a heady euphoria that melted away any stress or tension. As time passed, my body began to relax, leading to a blissful state of tranquility. Overall, White Dawg definitely left a lasting impression with its potent effects and delicious taste. It’s a strain I would happily revisit.