Watermelon Tree Strain Information

The cannabis strain Watermelon Tree produces vibrant buds that resemble colorful sugar-coated candy. A well-grown batch will exhibit shades of lavender, vivid greens, and bright orange pistils, all covered with a thick layer of trichomes. When you open a container of this strain, you’ll be greeted with a sweet and earthy aroma, and its taste is reminiscent of OG strains, with hints of fresh soil, wood, or pine on the exhale. Watermelon Tree is a hybrid strain created by crossing Watermelon Lemonade and Lemon Tree, which adds a touch of lemon to its scent and flavor. Originally cultivated by Tahoe Hydroponics Company in Nevada, this strain is exclusive to the state unless the company decides to distribute its seeds or clones. Known for their top-quality cultivation methods, Tahoe Hydro is a six-time winner of the Jack Herer Cup, utilizing purified water, hand-picked products, vine-curing, and hand-trimming techniques. Users of Watermelon Tree have reported its ability to relax the body, uplift mood, and induce a giggly euphoria. Due to its rarity, there are limited reviews regarding its effectiveness in treating specific symptoms or conditions.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
– THC: 21.2%
– CBD: 0.1%

Terpene Lab Data:
– Beta Caryophyllene: 1.01%
– Limonene: 0.31%
– Alpha Humulene: 0.16

My Review of the Watermelon Tree Strain:

Man, I gotta tell you, I just smoked some Watermelon Tree and it was an experience like no other. As soon as I took the first hit, a wave of sweet, juicy watermelon flavor washed over me, instantly teleporting me to a summery paradise. The high crept up slowly, gradually relaxing my mind and body, melting away any stress or tension I had. I was left in a blissful state of tranquility, floating on cloud nine. The buds were dense and sticky, bursting with vibrant green hues and hints of purple. Watermelon Tree, you’ve won my heart with your delectable taste and soothing effects.