The White Strain Information

The Hybrid Strain known as “The White” is named for the thick layer of crystal trichomes that cover its buds and leaves during harvest. This indica-dominant hybrid has a light, earthy scent and taste reminiscent of freshly turned soil and pine. The buds are dense and shaped like small Christmas trees. Despite its lack of strong odor, The White still provides enjoyable effects.

The THC levels in The White range from 20-28%, leading to an uplifting high that can induce bouts of laughter. It may take a few minutes for the high to kick in, but it ultimately improves mood and provides a warm body high. Some users may experience increased hunger, so it’s recommended to have snacks nearby. As the high subsides, it transitions into a relaxing stone that aids in sleep.

While dry mouth and dry eyes are typical side effects, consuming The White above tolerance levels may cause headaches, dizziness, or paranoia.

Lab Data:

Table 1: Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20-28%
CBD: <1% Unfortunately, the lab data is the only table available in the provided HTML.

My Review of the The White Strain:

Whoa, man, The White is out of this world! As if I’m floating on a cloud, the moment I took a hit, I felt the powerful effects rushing through my body. My mind instantly lifted, leaving any stress behind. The buds look like snowy mountains, and their white trichomes glisten like freshly fallen snow. The aroma is like a sweet citrus dream, enticing your senses. With each exhale, a creamy taste lingers on my tongue, adding to the whole experience. This strain packs some serious relaxation punch, melting away any tension and leaving me in pure bliss. The White is definitely a smoke session I won’t forget!