Tangerine Haze Strain Information

Averaging around 16-21% THC, Tangerine Haze is a Sativa strain that provides a stimulating high that can be enjoyed throughout the day. It enhances focus, rejuvenates the user, and relieves both physical and mental stress. Users have reported its effectiveness in alleviating depression and mental tension. Additionally, this strain contains a higher-than-average CBD level, typically around 1.8%, which may have potential medical benefits. Tangerine Haze may cause side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth and eyes, and occasionally feelings of paranoia or anxiety when consumed in excess. It takes approximately ten weeks for Tangerine Haze to fully flower.

Lab Data:
Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 16-21%
CBD: 2%

This strain was first cultivated in the Netherlands by crossbreeding G13 and NYC Diesel.

My Review of the Tangerine Haze Strain:

I had the pleasure of trying Tangerine Haze, and let me tell you, it was a truly uplifting experience. As soon as I took that first puff, I was enveloped in a tantalizing aroma of citrus and spices. The high hit me with a burst of energy, making me feel invigorated and focused. The sweet and tangy flavors exploded on my taste buds, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. Tangerine Haze delivered a perfect balance between happiness and relaxation, easing any stress or tension I had. This strain is a definite go-to for those looking for a delightful daytime smoke that will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.