Tahoe Lemonade Strain Information

If you’re seeking a strain with a citrusy aroma and taste, Tahoe Lemonade is an excellent choice. It combines genetics from the well-known Tahoe OG Kush and Lemonade strains, resulting in a delightful scent and flavor akin to sipping lemonade on a summer day. However, it does have a hint of pine upon exhaling, which adds an earthy zest.

Tahoe Lemonade is exclusively available in Nevada and is produced by HSH Nevada. It is considered a sativa-dominant hybrid and is believed to enhance cerebral activity while boosting mood. Users often feel refreshed and rejuvenated after consuming Tahoe Lemonade, with improved focus and increased ease in completing tasks.

It is essential to check the strain’s THC levels to determine the appropriate amount to use, as they can vary based on cultivation techniques.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
| Cannabinoid | Amount |
| THC: | 23.60% |
| Δ9-THC: | 0.60% |
| CBD: | 0.09% |
| CBN: | 0.1% |
| THC-A: | 26.23% |
| CBD-A: | 0.10% |
| CBG-A: | 1.75% |

Terpene Lab Data:
| Terpene | Amount |
| Beta Myrcene | 0.21% |
| Linalool | 0.13% |
| Terpinolene | 0.08% |
| Limonene | 0.016% |

My Review of the Tahoe Lemonade Strain:

I recently had the chance to try Tahoe Lemonade, and let me tell you, it was an absolute delight! From the moment I took my first puff, I was immediately hit with a strong citrusy aroma that made my taste buds tingle in anticipation. The smoke was incredibly smooth and the lemony flavor truly shone through, leaving a refreshing tang on my tongue. What really stood out to me was the uplifting and euphoric high that followed, giving me a burst of energy and creativity. It’s the perfect strain for daytime use, as it kept me motivated and focused throughout the day. Overall, Tahoe Lemonade left a lasting impression, and I highly recommend it to any cannabis connoisseur looking for a flavorful and mood-boosting experience.