Sticky B Strain Information

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The buds of Sticky B have different shades of green combined with hints of purple and golden yellow hairs weaving their way throughout. Trichomes are abundant, and they are resinous and sticky, as the name suggests. The scent of this strain is slightly sweet while its flavor is even sweeter with undertones of earth and musk.

Sticky B is a hybrid cannabis strain with mostly indica genetics, making up around 90% of the genetic makeup. Due to its ability to induce sedation, users recommend consuming this strain in the evenings or at night. They also suggest trying it after a strenuous workout for post-exercise relief. However, it is important to avoid any important tasks or activities afterwards as you may not feel like moving.

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My Review of the Sticky B Strain:

As someone who just had the pleasure of smoking the Sticky B, I must say it was an exceptional experience. The aroma that filled the room was pungent and enticing, instantly putting me in a relaxed state of mind. The dense buds were coated in a thick layer of resin, promising a potent high. From the first puff, it offered a smooth, flavorful smoke that I found incredibly enjoyable. The effects were almost instantaneous, leaving me feeling euphoric and uplifted. My stress melted away, replaced by a wave of creativity and motivation. The Sticky B is definitely a strain worth trying for those seeking a delightful and mind-altering experience.