Space Candy Strain Information

A popular strain in the Colorado cannabis market, Space Candy is a well-balanced hybrid. Its flowers have a light green color with orange pistils and a sweet-and-sour berry scent. When smoked, it leaves a burnt apple aftertaste. Lab results show that it has a potency of 18-22% THC, which is higher than average.

The high produced by Space Candy combines the best of both sativa and indica effects. It provides relaxation and soothing qualities from the indica side, while also inducing euphoria and keeping the mind alert from the sativa side. This strain is known to be helpful for depression, daily stress, and minor pain. It’s also a great choice for socializing with friends.

The most commonly reported side effect of Space Candy is cottonmouth, although higher doses may cause some anxiety.


Lab Data:

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
Cannabinoid | Amount
THC: | 18-22%
Δ9-THC: | 0.35%
CBD: | 0.07%
CBN: | <0.01% THC-A: | 20.91% Δ8-THC: | 0.01% CBD-A: | 0.04% CBC: | 0.03% CBG: | 0.12% CBG-A: | 0.73% Terpene Lab Data: Terpene | Amount Beta Caryophyllene: | 1.68% Alpha Pinene: | 0.36% Terpinolene: | 0.23% Limonene: | 0.01% Linalool: | 0.01% Beta Myrcene: | 0.01%

My Review of the Space Candy Strain:

Wow, Space Candy is out of this world! As soon as I took my first hit, I felt like I was being transported to a whole new dimension. The aroma was a tantalizing mix of sweet and fruity notes, instantly lifting my spirits. The high hit me with a euphoric wave, engulfing my mind in a blanket of pure relaxation. Not only did it relieve my stress and anxiety, but it also sparked my creativity and imagination. The smoothness of each toke made the experience even more enjoyable. Space Candy is definitely my go-to strain for those cosmic adventures and unwinding after a long day.