Sour Diesel OG Strain Information

Sour Diesel OG is a hybrid strain whose genetic lineage is a subject of debate. Some argue that it is a cross between Sour OG and a Sour Diesel precursor like Chemdawg 91 or Super Skunk, while others believe it is a mix of Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Despite the uncertainty, users have described its effects as mellow and relaxing. It has been purported to help lower stress, anxiety, pain, and nausea, while also providing a spacey buzz that allows for introspection.

The scent of Sour Diesel OG is characterized by a strong skunk aroma with hints of pine. Its appearance showcases a mossy green color with burnt orange pistils and a light dusting of trichomes that enhance its overall tone.

The THC levels in Sour Diesel OG vary depending on cultivation and curing techniques.

———–Lab Data———–
Cannabinoid Lab Data:
Cannabinoid | Amount
THC: | 20.7%
CBD: | 0.05%

Terpene Lab Data:
Terpene | Amount
Beta Myrcene: | 0.819%
Limonene: | 0.306%
Beta Caryophyllene: | 0.246%

My Review of the Sour Diesel OG Strain:

Sour Diesel OG is a stellar strain that has taken me on an unforgettable journey. From the first inhale, a wave of pungent diesel and earthy aromas instantly engulfed my senses, tantalizing my palate. The high hit me like a rocket, unleashing a surge of uplifting euphoria that boosted my creativity and energy levels. Its well-balanced effects allowed me to remain focused while experiencing a blissful, head-in-the-clouds state. Waves of relaxation gently washed over me, soothing any tension and leaving me content. The dense buds were coated with glistening trichomes, a testament to its potency. Sour Diesel OG is truly a game-changer that never disappoints.