Root Beer Kush Strain Information

Root Beer Kush is a sativa marijuana strain that gets its name from its smell and taste that is similar to the popular beverage. It has hints of vanilla and is often compared to Haze. The buds are bright green with light brown hairs and a thin layer of trichomes. The genetics of Root Beer Kush are hard to come by and are still a topic of debate. It was originally bred by Great White North in British Columbia. The THC levels are unknown, but the high of this strain is known to be potent and predominantly cerebral. It helps to increase focus and relieve mental stresses. It also provides a tingling sensation throughout the body, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Some users may experience enhanced creativity. However, consuming higher doses than one’s tolerance level can lead to paranoia, along with dry eyes and dry mouth.

My Review of the Root Beer Kush Strain:

As I take my first hit of Root Beer Kush, a wave of relaxation washes over me. The sweet and earthy aroma instantly transports me to a nostalgic summer day. The flavor is uniquely smooth, with hints of vanilla and spices that tickle my taste buds. This indica-dominant strain quickly melts away any stress or tension, leaving me in a state of blissful tranquility. The high starts off in my head, alleviating any anxious thoughts and replacing them with a calm and focused mindset. Gradually, a warm body buzz takes effect, soothing any muscle aches or discomfort. Root Beer Kush is truly a treat for the senses and my go-to strain for unwinding after a long day.