Purple Maui Strain Information

Purple Maui is a hybrid cannabis strain that has a scent and taste resembling freshly-churned earth with a hint of pine. The buds of Purple Maui are dark green with a purple hue. The THC levels of this strain are currently unknown, making it a rare find. When consumed, Purple Maui provides immediate relief from racing thoughts and promotes relaxation. It also boosts energy, enhances focus, and elevates mood. However, consuming higher doses of Purple Maui can cause paranoia as a negative side effect.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
Cannabinoid Amount
CBD: <1% History: Purple Maui was initially developed by Happy Harvest, but the genetic origins of this strain remain unknown.

My Review of the Purple Maui Strain:

Purple Maui is an absolute delight for any cannabis enthusiast. From the moment I took my first hit, I was transported to a state of pure euphoria. The smooth and flavorful smoke took me by surprise, leaving a sweet and earthy aftertaste on my palate. As the high settled in, a wave of relaxation washed over me, relieving my stress and melting away any tension. The dense purple buds added to the appeal, showcasing the strain’s potency. Purple Maui is a perfect companion for a lazy afternoon or a chilled-out evening, providing me with the utmost relaxation and tranquility.

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