Purple Cream Strain Information

Purple Cream is an indica strain of cannabis that is known for its calming and mellow effects. It has a unique scent of diesel and grape with hints of earthy tones. The high from Purple Cream can elevate mood and provide relief from stress and anxiety. It is often recommended for evening use due to its sedating effects. Purple Cream has been reported to be effective in treating stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and pain.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
– THC: 21%
– CBD: 0.9%

My Review of the Purple Cream Strain:

I recently had the pleasure of smoking Purple Cream, and it was a truly exceptional experience from start to finish. As soon as I opened the package, I was hit with a delightful fruity aroma that immediately piqued my interest. The buds had beautiful dark purple hues intertwined with vibrant orange hairs, creating a visually stunning experience. Upon smoking, I was greeted by a smooth inhale that delivered a burst of sweet berry flavors, leaving me in a state of bliss. The high was incredibly relaxing, melting away any stress or tension I had, and providing a tranquil sense of calm. Purple Cream is definitely a strain worth seeking out for its flavors, appearance, and soothing effects.

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