Purple AK-47 Strain Information

This Indica strain, known as Purple AK-47, possesses lime green calyxes and purple leaves. It has a strong, skunky funk that is accompanied by hints of pine and citrus flavors. Lab results indicate that Purple AK-47 usually contains an average of 18% THC, with a possibility of reaching up to 2% CBD. Its potency is so intense that it has earned the nickname “one hit wonder” for its ability to leave most smokers completely laid out with just a single puff. This strain offers a relaxing and cheerful buzz, but it can also induce lethargy, laziness, and a strong desire for sleep. Purple AK-47 is often used to address symptoms of insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, depression, pain, headaches, migraines, and inflammation. It is typically recommended for use later in the day. Some common side effects of using Purple AK-47 include dry eyes and cottonmouth.

My Review of the Purple AK-47 Strain:

As someone who thoroughly enjoys their smoking experience, I recently had the pleasure of trying the Purple AK-47 strain, and oh boy, what a delight it was! From the moment I took my first inhale, I could immediately sense the fruity and earthy undertones, which were simply divine. The high was nothing short of incredible, inducing a potent sense of euphoria while also keeping me relaxed and mellow. The Purple AK-47’s smooth and creamy smoke made each hit incredibly enjoyable, leaving me craving for more. Overall, this strain truly hit the spot, providing a satisfying and blissful experience that I would highly recommend to any cannabis connoisseur.