Poison Peaches Strain Information

Poison Peaches is an exquisite cannabis strain known for its fruity flavors. As a sativa-dominant hybrid and a result of crossing Agent Orange with Sunset Sherbert, Poison Peaches buds are visually appealing with their yellowish-green color and abundant orange pistils, giving them a furry appearance. Additionally, the buds are dense and covered in amber trichomes, which contribute to their yellowish hue.

The scent of Poison Peaches is sweet and fruity, reminiscent of ripe peaches with a subtle herbal undertone. Its taste follows suit, combining the sweetness of peaches with a hint of dank earthiness that some describe as peppery.

Reviewers praise Poison Peaches for its potent yet well-balanced effects. Users report stimulating cerebral effects along with a relaxing physical sensation. This combination is perfect for individuals who want to remain active while enjoying a sense of relaxation.

If available, the lab data tables for Poison Peaches are provided below.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
Cannabinoid | Amount
THC: 23.39%
THC-A: 25.98%
CBG-A: 2.67%

Terpene Lab Data:
Terpene | Amount
Terpinolene: 0.529%
Beta Myrcene: 0.209%
Limonene: 0.151%

My Review of the Poison Peaches Strain:

The Poison Peaches strain is a decadent delight that I had the pleasure of toking on. As I enjoyed its smooth inhale, I was instantly greeted by a sweet, fruity flavor that reminded me of freshly picked peaches. The smoke had a pleasant and balanced herbal undertone, adding an earthy dimension to the overall experience. This strain’s effects were equally impressive – a blissful, uplifting euphoria promptly washed away any stress or anxiety, leaving me in a state of pure relaxation. The Poison Peaches provided a perfect balance between cerebral elevation and physical relaxation, making it an excellent choice for both daytime and nighttime indulgence.