Plum Crazy Strain Information

If you’re a fan of strains with an attractive appearance, you will appreciate discovering the rare Nevada native known as Plum Crazy created by Green Life Productions. The buds of this strain are often adorned with shades of purple, which is what led to its name. A well-cultivated batch of Plum Crazy will give the impression of small plums nestled within its leaves and flowers.

As for its aroma, Plum Crazy is often compared to plums, although it does possess other fruity yet earthy undertones. The exhale of this strain tends to lean towards a fresh soil aftertaste.

According to laboratory tests, Plum Crazy typically contains a THC level in the high teens and is rich in the terpenes myrcene, limonene, and pinene. Users have described its effects as heavy, sometimes inducing couch-lock, while also providing relief from pain and aches and replacing them with a pleasant body buzz. However, effects may vary among individuals, as some users have reported enjoying activities such as video games or engaging in hobbies while using Plum Crazy. It should be noted that this strain is a hybrid, thus the effects may lean towards sativa or indica depending on how it interacts with the user’s body and the dosage taken.

My Review of the Plum Crazy Strain:

I have to say, smoking Plum Crazy was quite the experience. As soon as I took my first hit, I was instantly taken aback by its sweet and fruity aroma. The flavor was equally as delightful, with notes of ripe plums dancing on my tongue. The high hit me with a wave of euphoria and relaxation that had me floating on cloud nine. The high THC content definitely delivered a potent and uplifting buzz that kept me in a state of blissful creativity and focus for hours. Overall, Plum Crazy is an absolute gem for any cannabis connoisseur looking for a delicious and powerful smoke.