Pine Tar Strain Information

Pine Tar is a strain of cannabis that belongs to the indica family. Users appreciate its uplifting effects and mental stimulation, followed by a strong sedative body high that promotes relaxation and sleep. It is recommended for use in the afternoon or evening. The Pine Tar buds display shades of orange with orange pistils, golden leaves, and a layer of golden trichomes. Some dark green leaves can also be seen. Opening the packaging reveals a complex combination of scents, including skunk, citrus, pine, and sweetness. The strain has a unique and pleasant flavor profile with hints of sweetness and pine. With THC levels ranging from 18% to 22%, Pine Tar is potent and ideal for relaxation. The strain’s aroma suggests the presence of terpenes such as pinene, linalool, and ocimene.

Please find the lab data tables below:

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My Review of the Pine Tar Strain:

As someone who has tasted many different strains of cannabis, I have to say Pine Tar is a unique and intriguing experience. Upon lighting up, the pungent pine aroma immediately fills the room and awakens the senses. The flavor profile is equally distinctive, boasting a strong earthy taste with hints of citrus and a pleasant sweetness on the exhale. The high is intense and relaxing, easing both mind and body into a tranquil state. Pine Tar is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as it packs a punch that can leave even seasoned smokers couch-locked. Overall, it’s a strain that provides an enjoyable and potent experience for those seeking a deep and soothing high.