Night Terror OG Strain Information

Night Terror OG is a type of indica strain known for its lime green buds shaped like spades. It has a diesel and berry scent, with a taste that matches. This strain is a cross between the hybrid Blue Dream and the indica Rare Dankness. Night Terror OG has THC levels ranging from 18 to 21%. When consumed, it causes the eyes to droop and a tingly sensation that spreads from behind the eyes, down the spine, and throughout the body, inducing relaxation. It also brings a sense of peace and stops racing thoughts. As the high subsides, users often fall into a deep sleep without having any dreams. Night Terror OG is not associated with many negative effects, apart from typical dry mouth and eyes. It takes about nine to ten weeks for this strain to fully flower and be ready for harvesting.

***Cannabinoid Lab Data***

Cannabinoid | Amount
————- | ————-
THC: | 18-21%

My Review of the Night Terror OG Strain:

Night Terror OG is an exquisitely potent strain that truly lives up to its name. As I took my first hit, an immediate wave of relaxation washed over me, melting away any tension and stress. The pungent aroma of earthy pine blended with a hint of sweet citrus was a delight to my senses. The high was intense, yet surprisingly clear-headed and focused, allowing me to be fully present but still blissfully tranquil. The dark, vibrant buds were beautifully sticky and packed a punch in every toke. Night Terror OG is a perfect choice for anyone seeking deep relaxation and a peaceful night’s sleep.