Mr. Nice Guy Strain Information

The marijuana strain called Mr. Nice Guy gets its name from the autobiography of Howard Marks, a former Oxford student who became a cannabis smuggler. The fragrance of Mr. Nice Guy is pleasant, with hints of skunk and undertones of sweet and spicy earth. Users have reported using Mr. Nice Guy to relieve stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and headaches. Some have also enjoyed the relaxation it provides and noticed an improved mood and mindset. The genetic origins of Mr. Nice Guy are not well-known, although some speculate that the parent strain may be G13. The average THC levels in Mr. Nice Guy range from the mid to high teens.

My Review of the Mr. Nice Guy Strain:

I gotta say, smoking the Mr. Nice Guy was quite the experience! After taking a few puffs, I could immediately feel a wave of relaxation washing over me. The sweet and earthy aroma combined with the smoothness of the smoke made it truly enjoyable. As the high set in, I found myself completely melted into the couch, my worries melting away along with it. The effects were calming and uplifting, leaving me with a blissful and euphoric state of mind. The Mr. Nice Guy definitely lived up to its name, providing a pleasant and mellow smoking experience that I would highly recommend.