LA Cheese Strain Information

You will recognize this Hybrid Strain by its unique smell of decaying cheese and skunk. Luckily, its enthusiasts claim that the taste and exhale are more pleasant, with a fresh cheddar and pepper flavor. LA Cheese buds have trichome-covered flowers that lighten the deep green and blue cured nuggets.

THC levels in LA Cheese are usually in the mid to high 20s, while CBD levels are slightly above average at 1%. Users have reported a wave of relaxation that eases tension in the muscles and allows joints to rest. The cerebral effects have been described as pleasantly spacey, and some individuals have experienced an increase in motivation to complete simple tasks.

LA Cheese is a hybrid strain that resulted from the crossbreeding of LA Confidential and Cheese, both of which are parent strains. It possesses genetics that categorize it as a balanced hybrid.

My Review of the LA Cheese Strain:

Man, where do I even begin with LA Cheese? This strain is an absolute monster! One hit, and I was transported to a whole new level of relaxation and bliss. The aroma alone was enough to make my mouth water – a lovely blend of earthy, skunky cheese with a subtle hint of citrus. The high hit me like a wave, starting with a euphoric head rush that melted away all my stress and worries. As the high deepened, my body sank into a state of pure relaxation, leaving me couch-locked and completely blissed out. LA Cheese is the perfect strain to unwind with after a long day. I highly recommend it to any cannabis connoisseur looking for an out-of-this-world experience.