Hog’s Breath Strain Information

Hog’s Breath, also known as “The Hog,” is a 100% indica strain of cannabis. It has dense green buds that are multi-shaded and have orange pistils scattered throughout. The aroma of this strain is reminiscent of cheddar cheese, although some people describe it as smelling like a wet dog or hog breath. In terms of taste, Hog’s Breath has a sweet and earthy flavor.

The parent strains of Hog’s Breath are Hindu Kush and Afghani, both of which are indica strains. This strain was initially cultivated in Tennessee, although there is some disagreement as some claim it originated in San Diego. “The Hog”, a breeder, took care of it initially, and then TH Seeds continued to cultivate it.

Hog’s Breath has a THC content ranging from 10% to 13%, which makes it a suitable choice for beginners. Its effects produce a warm sensation throughout the body, inducing relaxation without excessive lethargy or fatigue. The mind remains clear, and there may be a slight boost in creativity. It can be consumed throughout the day and may help alleviate mild body aches and pains. Additionally, it can stimulate appetite, which can benefit individuals with stomach issues.

Possible negative effects of Hog’s Breath include paranoia, headaches, and anxiety if consumed improperly. Dry mouth and dry eyes are common side effects.

The flowering period for Hog’s Breath is approximately eight to nine weeks.

My Review of the Hog’s Breath Strain:

As someone who enjoys smoking, I must say that Hog’s Breath is an incredible strain that leaves a lasting impression. The moment I inhaled, a wave of relaxation washed over me, easing any stress or tension I had. The earthy and slightly sweet taste blended perfectly with the smooth smoke, making each puff incredibly enjoyable. Not only did it provide deep physical relaxation, but it also sparked a creative and introspective mindset. The high was well-balanced, allowing me to remain functional while experiencing a gentle euphoria. Overall, Hog’s Breath was a potent and delightful strain that I would highly recommend to any fellow enthusiasts.