Glue Strain Information

If you’re familiar with the drying process of major cannabis chains, you may know that dry buds are typically the preferred choice. Dry buds are easier to weigh when purchasing because they don’t contain excess moisture. However, dry buds can sometimes be harsh to smoke and crumble easily.

But this isn’t the case with the strain Glue. It is named for its dense and incredibly sticky layer of trichomes that remain even after the curing and packaging process.

The genetics of Glue come from three strains: Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. Despite its genetic background, Glue has a pine-like scent with just a hint of diesel or chemicals.

Users have reported that Glue has a predominantly cerebral effect, enhancing mood, reducing stress, and relieving head and spinal pain. It also provides an energy boost and promotes creativity and focus. Some users have described it as a stoney-feel strain that allows for easy focus and function.

And now for the lab data tables:
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My Review of the Glue Strain:

As someone who has smoked Glue, I can honestly say that it was a unique and intense experience. The first hit instantly transported me to a state of relaxation and euphoria. The earthy and pungent flavor added to the overall enjoyment of the smoking session. As the high settled in, a wave of creativity and focus washed over me, allowing me to delve into deep thoughts and introspection. The effects were long-lasting, providing a steady and balanced high that never felt overwhelming. Glue is definitely a strain worth trying if you’re seeking a potent and uplifting experience.