Fruity P Strain Information

The cannabis strain Fruity P is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid in California since 2006. It has a scent similar to tropical berries and a sweet aftertaste. The buds are light green and fluffy with trichomes and small orange or light yellow pistils. Fruity P has a THC level of around 12%, making it a good choice for beginners. However, some crops may have tested as high as 20%. The high from Fruity P provides comfort to the mind and body but can make thoughts spacey and easily distracted. It is recommended for use in the afternoon or evening. Improper consumption may result in dizziness or paranoia, and dry mouth is common. This strain is difficult to grow and has been sold for high prices in the past.

My Review of the Fruity P Strain:

As soon as I lit up the Fruity P, I was hit with a burst of tropical fruitiness that instantly put a smile on my face. The aroma was simply intoxicating, and I couldn’t wait to take my first puff. The smoke was smooth and velvety, effortlessly filling my lungs with a sweet and tangy flavor. I felt an immediate surge of euphoria, followed by a wave of relaxation washing over my body. The high was uplifting and energizing, allowing me to stay focused while still experiencing a pleasant sense of tranquility. Fruity P is undoubtedly a top-notch strain that left me craving for more.