Ewok Strain Information

Ewok is a hybrid cannabis strain that was awarded the Hybrid of the Year at the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. It gets its name from the abundance of red pistils on its green buds, resembling the furry Ewoks from Star Wars. The scent and flavor of Ewok are a combination of pine, citrus, and mint. With THC levels ranging from 17-23%, it provides a creative and introspective high, inducing relaxation and sometimes sleepiness. It is recommended for evening use before engaging in creative activities or for bedtime. Ewok has the potential side effects of dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiousness, or headache. The flowering process of Ewok takes approximately eight to nine weeks.

[Caption: Cannabinoid Lab Data]

| Cannabinoid | Amount |
| THC: | 17-23% |
| CBD: | <1% | [/table]

My Review of the Ewok Strain:

Man, where do I even begin with this Ewok strain? I’ll just say, smoking it was like stepping into a whimsical forest filled with the giggly energy of those adorable Ewoks from Star Wars. From the first hit, a wave of euphoria washed over me, wrapping me in a cozy blanket of relaxation. It’s got a smooth, sweet flavor profile with hints of earthiness that tickled my taste buds. As the high settled in, my creativity soared and a sense of tranquility took hold. My mind felt clear, yet delightfully scattered in a way that made everything seem more enchanting. Truly, the Ewok is a strain that brings a blissful adventure to any smoke session.