Electric Ginger Strain Information

Grown exclusively by Remedy, Electric Ginger is a variant of the GSC strain, known for its ability to simultaneously and evenly affect the body and mind. It provides a break from stressful thoughts and promotes muscle relaxation, while also stimulating appetite (so don’t be surprised if you get the munchies). The aroma of Electric Ginger is reminiscent of sweet and minty GSC, with hints of chocolate. It’s like wandering through a garden full of baking herbs planted in rich, dark soil. The taste after exhaling is pleasantly sweet. The buds of Electric Ginger are bright green with orange hairs and covered in trichomes, indicating a well-grown crop by Remedy. On average, THC levels are around 21.26% with CBD levels at .07%. Experience the unique qualities of Electric Ginger, cultivated by Remedy.

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My Review of the Electric Ginger Strain:

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Electric Ginger strain, and I must say, it was an electrifying experience! From the moment I took my first puff, I was greeted with a tantalizing aroma reminiscent of a freshly peeled ginger root. The taste was equally impressive, with a spicy and zesty kick that left my taste buds tingling. This strain hit me with a burst of energy, as if I had been plugged into an electrical outlet, invigorating both my mind and body. The high was uplifting and cerebral, inducing a creative and focused mindset. Overall, Electric Ginger delivered an unforgettable and stimulating smoking experience.