Earth OG Strain Information

Earth OG is a hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its spicy, earthy scent and flavor with hints of citrus/lemon. The buds are small, fluffy, and minty green in color, with fiery orange pistils. With THC levels averaging between 20-22%, this strain is known for its introspective and creative high, making it great for social settings. It provides an increase in energy and uplifts the spirits, leading to lots of cerebral activity. Many users find it beneficial after a stressful or depressing day, as it has relaxing effects on the body. However, it may cause dry eyes, slight dizziness if consumed in excess, dry mouth, or slight paranoia.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20-22%
CBD: <1% Parent strains of Earth OG are the well-known sativa Sour Diesel and the hybrid Ghost OG.

My Review of the Earth OG Strain:

I gotta be honest, Earth OG really took me on a journey through space and time! As soon as I took that first hit, a rush of relaxation spread through my entire being, leaving me floating on cloud nine. It’s got a pungent, earthy aroma that instantly put me in a tranquil state of mind. The flavors were out of this world – a perfect blend of sweet and spicy that made every inhale incredibly flavorful. The high was abundant with euphoria, melting away any stresses or worries I had. If you’re looking for an otherworldly experience, Earth OG is definitely the strain to go for.