Durban Cookies Strain Information

The Durban Cookies strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its uplifting effects and suitability for daytime use. It has been reported to provide energy, improved focus, increased appetite, and a better overall mood. The THC levels in Durban Cookies vary between the mid-teens and mid-20’s, with an average of around 21%. It also contains a higher-than-average amount of CBD, reaching at least 1%. Durban Cookies is a cross between the popular strains GSC and Durban Poison, both known for their potency and effects. The strain has a delightful scent, combining earthy, spicy, and dessert-like aromas with hints of vanilla, nuts, and spices. Its buds are large, light green, and adorned with amber pistils and a dusting of trichomes.

My Review of the Durban Cookies Strain:

Man, Durban Cookies is a whole new level of blissful high! As soon as I toked on this strain, I felt a wave of euphoria wash over me. The sweet and earthy aroma instantly hit my senses, making me even more excited. Its smooth smoke was a treat for my lungs, and boy, did it take me on a wild ride. Creativity surged through me, and I became a master of deep conversations and laughter. The energetic yet calming effects kept me focused and relaxed at the same time. With Durban Cookies, I found the perfect companion for a delightful day of fun and chill vibes.