Dog Walker Strain Information

If you don’t have a problem with the flavor of some skunky buds and prefer a high that has been described by reviewers as bringing about mental tranquility and focus, then it’s time to try out Dog Walker. This hybrid strain has garnered fans for its potential to induce a relaxed and tranquil high, which has also led to an increase in appetite for some users. Others have reported using this strain to alleviate pain, symptoms of mood disorders, and appetite loss, as it can sometimes stimulate the munchies. People who have tried Dog Walker say they appreciate its citrusy scent with hints of pine. Once it’s broken up, a skunky aroma emerges, and the taste reflects this aspect of its terpene profile. Dog Walker typically has very high THC percentages, sometimes reaching the 30s, depending on the cultivation and curing methods used. When you examine the nuggets of Dog Walker closely, you’ll notice that they are often covered in trichomes, giving them an icy appearance with small almond-brown pistils protruding.

My Review of the Dog Walker Strain:

Man, let me tell you about my experience with the Dog Walker strain. This stuff had me lifted to the moon and back! Right from the first toke, it greeted me with a smooth and flavorful hit that left a lingering taste of pine and earthiness on my palate. As the high kicked in, I could feel a wave of relaxation flowing through my body, melting away any stress or tension. My mind was transported to a state of pure bliss, where creativity and free-flowing thoughts ruled. I experienced a euphoric happiness and a surge of giggles that had me feeling like I was walking on clouds. The Dog Walker definitely lived up to its reputation – a top-notch strain for a chill and joyful experience.