Diamond Dust Strain Information

Originally created by Clade 9 Genetics, Diamond Dust is a hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Sour Bubble and Double Dream. However, there is some debate about its lineage, with some suggesting that its parent strains are Sour Bubble and Matrix 2. Regardless, Diamond Dust was specifically engineered to have a similar terpene profile to traditional OG strains, resulting in an earthy, sweet, and mildly citrusy scent reminiscent of lemons mixed with pine and diesel.

The buds of Diamond Dust are covered in crystal trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. These trichomes contrast with the light green leaves and burnt orange pistils. When grown, the plant typically reaches a height of around 4.5 feet and has a flowering time of 9-10 weeks.

Consumers of Diamond Dust have reported experiencing improved focus, as well as a relaxed mindset and sufficient physical energy to accomplish tasks. With a THC content that generally ranges between 21-25%, this strain is best suited for experienced and veteran users. Diamond Dust is known for its perfectly balanced hybrid effects, which heighten both physical and mental awareness simultaneously. Users may notice a slightly increased heart rate and a pleasantly lethargic mind if they are not engaged in a stimulating activity. This strain has also been praised for its ability to provide an escape from reality for a few hours and to calm nerves.

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My Review of the Diamond Dust Strain:

Diamond Dust lived up to its name, delivering a truly sparkling experience. As I took my first puff, the sweet aroma tantalized my senses. With each inhale, a wave of relaxation swept over me, easing away any stress or tension. The smoke was smooth, allowing me to savor every flavorful note. Its impressive potency took hold quickly, elevating my mood and leaving me in a state of blissful euphoria. The high was long-lasting and not overwhelming, making it perfect for a chilling evening with friends. Overall, Diamond Dust was a top-notch smoke that lived up to its reputation, leaving me craving for more.