Deep Space Strain Information

Deep Space is a type of Indica strain that has a unique appearance resembling a peculiar meteor. The buds are light and airy with long wispy orange pistils emerging from deep green and blue flowers covered in a thick layer of frosty trichomes. It has a sweet earthy, piney, hash, and fuel aroma and flavor, although the fuel taste is less noticeable on the exhale. The strain is a result of crossing Romulan with Deep Chunk, which is also the source of its name. Users have reported that it induces deep relaxation and potentially leads to sedation, but some have found that it enhances their ability to concentrate. Deep Space is said to be beneficial for insomnia and chronic pain or discomfort. However, THC levels may vary, so it is important to check the batch’s potency before consumption.

My Review of the Deep Space Strain:

Man, the Deep Space has taken me to another dimension! This stuff is out of this world! As soon as I took my first hit, a wave of relaxation washed over me, leaving me with a calming buzz that felt like floating through space. The pungent aroma filled my senses, and every exhale brought forth a burst of sweet and earthy flavors. My mind soared through galaxies of creativity, as the Deep Space took me on a cerebral journey that left me in a state of pure euphoria. If you’re looking to escape the mundane and experience a cosmic high, then Deep Space is the strain for you.