Cherry Lime Haze Strain Information

Cherry Lime Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that has a scent that will make your mouth water. It has a slightly sour and citrusy aroma with a hint of berry. The cured nuggets of this strain are usually vibrant green with sparse light tan pistils and trichomes covering them.

The average THC levels in Cherry Lime Haze tend to be in the low 20’s, and its dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and limonene. Many users enjoy the effects of this strain, including an immediate uplifted mood that can last longer than other strains. Some people appreciate its scent and taste, while others find that it provides a strong cerebral high that helps them focus on tasks.

Cherry Lime Haze has been used by some individuals to alleviate symptoms of depression, migraines, ADHD, arthritis, and even nausea.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
– THC: 21.10%

Terpene Lab Data:
– Limonene: 0.1749%
– Beta Caryophyllene: 0.1171%

My Review of the Cherry Lime Haze Strain:

Cherry Lime Haze is hands down one of the most exquisite strains I’ve ever smoked. This sativa-dominant hybrid immediately hits you with its delectable aroma of cherries and tropical lime, enticing you to take that first hit. As the puffs fill my lungs, I’m greeted with a smooth smoke that dances on the taste buds, showcasing its fruity and zesty flavors. The effects are equally impressive. A wave of uplifting euphoria washes over me, replacing any stress or negativity with a soaring sense of happiness and creativity. It’s the perfect strain for an afternoon pick-me-up or a creative endeavor. Cherry Lime Haze, you’ve won my heart.