Charlotte’s Web Strain Information

The highly regarded sativa strain called Charlotte’s Web has gained significant attention in the media due to its role in the nationwide push for medical cannabis legalization. It was named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl from Colorado who successfully stopped her seizures by using this strain. The earthy pine aroma of Charlotte’s Web is often accompanied by slight undertones reminiscent of cat pee, according to some reviewers. While this strain has a THC content of less than 1% and does not induce a high, it boasts a CBD content of 17% or more, making it one of the most powerful medical strains available. It is typically classified as hemp rather than marijuana. Charlotte’s Web is known for its effectiveness in treating muscle spasms, headaches, pain, and seizure disorders. Many users turn to this strain for relief without experiencing the cerebral effects that might interfere with their daily tasks. Some reviewers have even reported improved focus and enhanced enjoyment of activities such as reading and listening to music. However, it should be consumed with caution as improper consumption may cause dizziness.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 1%
CBD: 17%

My Review of the Charlotte’s Web Strain:

Man, Charlotte’s Web is truly a mind-blowing strain. As the smoke drifted into my lungs, a wave of relaxation washed over me, melting away all stress and tension. This CBD-rich bud made me feel like I was floating on a cloud, without any trace of anxiety or paranoia. It’s a gentle high, one that embraces you with calmness and tranquility. The sweet and earthy flavors were so smooth and delicious, making each hit a delight. Perfect for those seeking pain relief or a good night’s sleep, Charlotte’s Web is a strain that I’ll definitely keep in my stash for when I need a soothing escape.