Caramelo Strain Information

The Sativa strain known as Caramelo has a pleasant scent resembling flowers or lavender, with hints of fruit and honey. After consumption, it leaves a sweet and syrupy taste that is enjoyed by many. The buds of this strain are a combination of dark and light green leaves, with golden brown pistils and frothy trichomes.

Caramelo is a hybrid of indica phenotypes and lavender sativas. Despite its high THC levels, which average between 19-20%, its effects on the mind are light. It uplifts mood and boosts energy, while also relieving mild body aches and promoting a pleasurable tingling sensation. It has a calming effect on the nerves and enhances creativity. Caramelo also induces the munchies, so it is wise to have snacks available.

Most reviewers have not reported any significant side effects, apart from the typical dry mouth and eyes. The flowering time for Caramelo is approximately nine weeks.

Lab Data:
Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 19-20%

My Review of the Caramelo Strain:

I have to say, my experience with Caramelo has been quite delightful. The first thing that captivated me was its sweet aroma, reminiscent of a caramelized treat. As I took my first inhale, I was greeted with a smooth, creamy smoke that effortlessly filled my lungs with a gentle touch. The taste was heavenly, like a caramel dessert melting on my tongue. It provided a pleasant and relaxing buzz, easing my stress and anxiety. The high was well-balanced, giving me a sense of euphoria without being overwhelming. Overall, Caramelo is a delectable strain that offers a flavorful and satisfying smoking experience.