Blue Moon Rocks Strain Information

The indica-dominant hybrid strain known as Blue Moon Rocks has a pungent yet sweet aroma and taste that resembles berries, with some reports of hints of lavender. The buds of this strain are dense and round, covered in sticky resin and purple shades. Its THC levels can reach up to 24%, making it a potent strain. When consumed, it produces a strong body buzz that brings about a sense of calm and relaxation. It can also induce euphoria and sleepiness, making it ideal for use in the evenings or at night. Blue Moon Rocks is known to provide relief from mild muscle spasms, chronic pain, headaches, and bad moods. Some common side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, with occasional reports of slight paranoia or anxiousness. The flowering period for Blue Moon Rocks is around seven to eight weeks, resulting in average yields.

Lab Data:
Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid – Amount
THC: – 24%
CBD: – <1%

My Review of the Blue Moon Rocks Strain:

I just had the pleasure of smoking Blue Moon Rocks and let me tell you, it’s out of this world! From the moment I took my first hit, I was greeted with a smooth and flavorful experience. The dense, sticky buds were covered in shimmering trichomes, indicating its potency. As I exhaled, a wave of relaxation washed over me, melting away any stress or tension. The high was incredibly euphoric, uplifting my mood and leaving me with a blissful sense of contentment. The cerebral effects were intense yet not overpowering, making it perfect for both socializing and introspection. Blue Moon Rocks truly delivered a memorable and delightful experience.