Blue Dream Haze Strain Information

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a grower’s (blue) fantasy come true. This marijuana plant also has a lot to offer consumers, too, with its exceptionally fluffy, fuzzy colas covered in dense blankets of resin sacs.
Pinching a bud should release a scent similar to honeyed berries and lychees.
Just one puff should stir up feelings of dreamy happiness, providing long-lasting energy and an eerie focus for those who like to consume it during the earlier parts of the day. It’s also effective for relieving minor pains such as arthritis, small injuries, or tight joints.
Frequent use of this strain can cause temporary memory problems. Like most sativa-dominant strains, it can also induce anxiety in some consumers, so it’s best to use it cautiously.
For growers, Blue Dream Haze is the ideal sativa-type plant for beginners. Sativas are known to be finicky eaters and usually require extensive support to prevent their thin, lanky stalks from bending and breaking. However, Blue Dream Haze grows more like an indica, with shorter, bulkier stalks and lush, bushy buds that are easy to manage with minimal support and a less demanding diet of nutrients. It usually takes about two months for it to flower.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
Cannabinoid Amount
CBD: <1%

My Review of the Blue Dream Haze Strain:

I just had the pleasure of indulging in the Blue Dream Haze strain, and let me tell you, it was an experience like no other. From the moment I took my first hit, a wave of pure bliss washed over me. The initial burst of fruity flavors was a delight to my taste buds, leaving a sweet aftertaste that lingered long after exhaling. The high itself was a perfect balance between cerebral and physical effects, uplifting my mood and energizing my body without feeling overwhelming. Time seemed to slow down as I dove into a euphoric state of creativity and focus. Blue Dream Haze is definitely a strain I’ll be coming back to for its exceptional flavor profile and remarkable high.