Animal Cookies Strain Information

Animal Cookies is a tasty marijuana strain that is highly regarded for its aroma, flavor, and ability to stimulate appetite, according to reviewers. It is a hybrid of Fire OG and GSC, which not only gives it its name but also its terpene profile, which resembles a sweet smell reminiscent of cherries or grapes mixed with brown sugar.

The cured buds of Animal Cookies typically have shades of blue amidst their deep green flowers and bronze pistils.

The THC content of Animal Cookies usually averages in the high teens. Users have reported that this strain can induce a “body melt” effect, relieving muscles and joints of tension. Along with this, it provides a head-high that sometimes alleviates migraines or headaches, as described by reviewers. Some people have used Animal Cookies not only for its physical relaxation but also for its potential to eliminate negative thoughts and generate a feeling of euphoric contentment.

Lab Data:
– Cannabinoid Lab Data:
– THC: 19%
– CBD: <0.1% - CBN: <0.1% - THC-A: 19.75% - THCV: <0.1% - Δ8-THC: <0.01% - CBDV: <0.1% - CBD-A: <0.1% - CBC: 0.1% - CBG: <0.01% - CBG-A: 1.3% - Terpene Lab Data: - Alpha Humulene: 1.41% - Beta Caryophyllene: 1.05% - Beta Myrcene: 0.36% - Limonene: <0.01% - Linalool: <0.01% - Alpha Pinene: <0.01% - Terpinolene: <0.01%

My Review of the Animal Cookies Strain:

As I take another hit from my bong, a wave of sheer bliss washes over me, courtesy of Animal Cookies. This potent strain hits hard and fast, whisking me away to a state of pure relaxation. The earthy aroma and sweet undertones make every inhale a treat for the senses. It’s as if a warm blanket of contentment has wrapped itself around me, alleviating any lingering stress or tension. The powerful sedative effects make it perfect for ending a long day, soothing both body and mind into a state of euphoria. Animal Cookies stands as a delightful and potent strain that I’ll definitely revisit.