Alien Tarantula Strain Information

Bred through the crossing of Tarantula and Alien Technology, Alien Tarantula is a hybrid strain that leans towards indica dominance. It offers a more stimulating cerebral effect compared to other indicas. The dense buds of Alien Tarantula are olive green and purple, with amber hairs and gold trichomes covering the entire bud. Breaking it apart may be a bit challenging due to the abundance of trichomes. When ground, Alien Tarantula emits a sweet and kushy aroma with hints of citrus and fuel. The flavor profile is described as earthy, with subtle notes of diesel and hash that linger in the mouth after consuming.

This strain is known to produce long-lasting effects that are both mentally stimulating and physically sedating. Some users have reported uncontrollable laughter and chattiness, while others have experienced heightened sensory awareness followed by a deep sense of tiredness. These effects may be attributed to the terpenes Beta Myrcene and Beta Caryophyllene, which are present in higher concentrations than average in Alien Tarantula.

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
– THC: 24.81%
– THC-A: 27.70%
– CBG-A: 1.25%

Terpene Lab Data:
– Beta Myrcene: 0.632%
– Beta Caryophyllene: 0.147%
– Alpha Pinene: 0.137%

My Review of the Alien Tarantula Strain:

I must say, the Alien Tarantula strain is truly out of this world! As I took my first hit, a surge of relaxation swept over me, instantly easing my mind and body. The rich earthy aroma and hint of citrus created a delightful sensory experience. It didn’t take long for a wave of euphoria to envelop my senses, leaving me in a state of bliss and contentment. The strain’s cerebral effects heightened my creativity, making it perfect for artistic endeavors or introspective moments. With its potent THC content, a little goes a long way, ensuring a long-lasting and potent high. I highly recommend the Alien Tarantula for any avid cannabis connoisseurs seeking an out-of-this-world experience.