007 Up Strain Information

About this hybrid strain: 007 Up is a highly desirable type of cannabis that is known for its distinct flavors and potent effects. It is an indica-dominant hybrid with dense buds in shades of green and purple, complemented by orange pistils. The flowers are often covered in a shiny layer of trichomes.

007 Up has a delightful and invigorating scent that combines earthiness, pine, and citrus notes. Users often describe the aroma as pungent and uplifting. The taste is equally enjoyable, offering a smooth flavor with a noticeable hint of lemon.

Renowned for its balanced and powerful high, 007 Up provides a euphoric rush that elevates mood and imparts a warm sensation. Some users report increased energy and focus, while others experience enhanced creativity and introspection. Many users also note a sense of physical relaxation without feeling drowsy.

Lab Data:

Cannabinoid Lab Data:
– THC: 24.543%
– CBN: <0.167% Terpene Lab Data: - Limonene: 1.514% - Linalool: 0.568% - Beta Caryophyllene: 0.395%

My Review of the 007 Up Strain:

Man, the 007 Up strain took me on a wicked ride! As soon as I toked it, I felt a rush of euphoria wash over me like a shaken martini. The sweet citrusy aroma engulfed my senses, leaving me craving more. This delightful bud got me giggling uncontrollably, while my mind embraced a creative frenzy. The high was long-lasting, keeping me soaring through the clouds, but without any anxiety or paranoia. I felt relaxed and uplifted, as if I were the smoothest secret agent on a mission. Definitely a top-notch strain that left me shaken, not stirred. 007 Up gets my seal of approval!