A Comprehensive Look into Top Celebrities That Smoke Weed


Marijuana use has long been associated with the counter-culture, often linked with creative personalities who challenge conventional thinking. From artists to musicians, actors, and comedians, a number of celebrities have embraced cannabis either for its perceived health benefits, creative stimulation, or simply as a form of relaxation. This article shines a spotlight on top celebrities that smoke weed, providing insights into their motivations, experiences, and the impact of their choices.

Lady Gaga: Pain, Fame, and the Creative Spark

No stranger to controversy, multi-award-winning artist Lady Gaga has never been one to shy away from her marijuana use. For Gaga, the use of cannabis is more than just recreational – it’s medicinal and inspirational. Suffering from fibromyalgia, a condition that causes chronic pain, Gaga turned to marijuana as a means to manage her physical discomfort. However, the benefits extended beyond mere pain relief.

Lady Gaga also acknowledges using cannabis to handle the intense pressure of her meteoric rise to stardom. She argues that marijuana helps in easing her mind, allowing her to deal with the immense stress of her celebrity status. But it’s not all about dealing with pain and fame. Lady Gaga admits that she often smokes weed during her songwriting sessions, claiming it helps to stimulate her creativity and unleash her artistic talents.

Willie Nelson and Wiz Khalifa: From Users to Entrepreneurs

Both Willie Nelson and Wiz Khalifa are renowned for their love of marijuana, yet they’ve taken their passion a step further by venturing into the cannabis industry. Nelson, a country music legend and infamous marijuana enthusiast, asserts that weed saved his life by helping him quit harder substances. Capitalizing on his love for the plant and his stoner persona, Nelson launched his line of cannabis products, further promoting marijuana acceptance.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa, known for his outspoken endorsement of marijuana, follows a similar path. According to Khalifa, marijuana helps him to relax and enhances his creativity – a sentiment shared by many artists in various fields. He even named one of his albums ‘Rolling Papers’, a clear nod to his affinity for weed. Taking a leaf from Nelson’s book, Khalifa partnered with River Rock Cannabis to produce his own strain, Khalifa Kush, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen: The Unabashed Advocates

Two other names that invariably appear in any discussion about celebrities and weed are Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen. Both have been unabashed about their marijuana use, often incorporating it into their work. Rogen not only uses his personal experiences for his stoner film roles but also runs a company selling smoking accessories, Houseplant.

Snoop Dogg, the quintessential poster boy for marijuana, humorously admits that only Willie Nelson has out-smoked him. His open advocacy and unapologetic enjoyment of marijuana have played a significant role in breaking down stigmas associated with weed use.

Melissa Etheridge: Turning to Marijuana Medicinally

Singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge offers a different perspective on cannabis use, having turned to it during her battle with breast cancer. She credits marijuana for helping manage her stress and maintaining balance in her life during her treatments. Inspired by her experience, Etheridge plans to launch her own cannabis manufacturing facility aimed at first-time users and middle-aged women.

Woody Harrelson: Promoting Legalization and Quality Control

Known for his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana, Woody Harrelson has been a prominent figure in the fight for marijuana reform. Apart from personal use, Harrelson supports product safety and quality control within the cannabis industry through the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Bella Thorne: A Change of Heart

Once against smoking weed, Bella Thorne’s stance changed as she started using cannabis to cope with emotional roles and improve sleep. Her use of marijuana illustrates a broader acceptance of cannabis as a tool for managing mental health and improving well-being.


The candidness of these celebrities about their marijuana use not only highlights the shifting societal attitudes towards cannabis but also underscores the various reasons people turn to marijuana, from health benefits and stress relief to creative inspiration and even entrepreneurial opportunities. As society’s perception of cannabis continues to evolve, these celebrity narratives serve as interesting signposts in the ongoing journey towards wider acceptance of marijuana use.


Why do celebrities smoke weed? Celebrities smoke weed for various reasons, from managing physical and mental health issues, stress relief, enhancing creativity, or simply as a form of relaxation.

Do celebrities have their own weed brands? Yes, several celebrities like Willie Nelson and Wiz Khalifa have launched their own cannabis brands, capitalizing on their public persona and advocacy for marijuana use.

Is marijuana use legal in Hollywood? As of 2023, recreational marijuana use is legal in California, where Hollywood is located. However, it’s important to note that despite state laws, marijuana use remains illegal under federal law.

Who is the most famous celebrity who smokes weed? While many celebrities are open about their marijuana use, Snoop Dogg is perhaps the most famous and outspoken celebrity who smokes weed.

Has marijuana use influenced the work of these celebrities? Yes, many of these celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Seth Rogen, incorporate their experiences with marijuana into their work, be it songwriting or film roles.

Are celebrities advocating for the legalization of marijuana? Yes, numerous celebrities such as Woody Harrelson are actively advocating for marijuana legalization and promote product safety and quality through organizations like the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws.